1) What happens if I cannot attend an appointment?

If you are unable to attend please let me know as soon as you can so that i can re arrange your appointment. I do ask that patients give me at least 24 hours notice of cancelation. This allows me to fill the space with someone off my waiting list who may be in great need. Late cancellations will be expected to pay.

2) What can Osteopaths treat?

Osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions that include back and neck pain, peripheral joint pain, sciatic nerve pain, sporting injuries, arthritic pain, rheumatic pain, lumbago, muscle spasms, inability to relax, neuralgia, and many more.

3) What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit to Claire Wall Osteopath, you will be asked about you presenting complaint or why you have attended. You will also be asked about your past medical history including any accidents or stays in hospital etc. You may then have your blood pressure taken and your chest listened to. This is all so that i can get a good general picture of your health. Its a good idea to bring a list of your medication with you. Next you will be asked to undress to your underware so please wear something you are comfortable in. I will then examine you to see whats going on and come up with a working diagnosis which will be explained to you. If you are happy we will proceed with treatment. I will give you some advise on after care before the end of your session.

4) What should I expect from subsequent treatments?

Following some questioning about the changes to your condition a brief re-examination is made. This allows the progression of treatment to be assessed objectively and ensures that it is adapted accordingly. During these visits both hands-on treatment is provided as well as advice regarding exercises or lifestyle modifications that will assist in your recovery. Any questions you may have can be addressed along the way

5) How frequently are treatments?

The frequency of treatments depends on the problem and also on the patient. Initially you will need to be seen five to seven days following the first treatment. Time between treatments will gradually be spaced out as the condition improves. Some patients like to attend regularly eg every few weeks or months to help prevent a problem occuring.

6) Will treatment be painful?

No treatment shouldn’t be painful. However to initially discover what is wrong sometimes the osteopath has to provoke pain. This is done as a diagnostic tool and not as treatment. Some techniques may be a little uncomfortable but it is important that the patient communicates with the osteopath so that pain is kept to a minimum. If you are at-all concerned please say as an alternative technique can be used.

7) Will there be any pain following treatment?

Treatment reaction is quite common especially after you first treatment. Treatment reaction may occur and last for up to 48 hours. Make sure you report this at your follow up appointment as excessive reaction can and should be avoided

8) Do I need to consult my GP before visiting an osteopath.

No you do not need to consult your G.P. Most patients self refer. However If you have severe health problems and a complex medical history then you may wish to consult your GP to ensure that osteopathic treatment is appropriate. Some private medical insurers require that you be refered for osteopathic treatment by you GP. If you are in any doubt then first check with your insurance provider.

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